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Some of you will have experienced that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realise that some low life thieves have paid you a visit. 

They are almost impossible to stop but if we can make the goods they steal almost “too hot to handle”, by publishing lists of stolen goods on our Facebook pages, website and magazine and with a bit of help from you and some luck, we can reduce the number of incidents that occur.

I know the Police are under pressure but sometimes I don’t think they quite understand the implications that theft and vandalism have on us in the forest Industry.

A.C. Price

Thieves broke into our yard in a high top transit SWB transit. They stole 6 grabs, 1x Nisula Felling head and a log splitter. 

Thanks to the keen eye of Robert Lishman from T Lishman & Sons Ltd we were told that some of our stolen grabs where listed at Leeds Euro Auctions.

We called the auction house who immediately 

removed the grabs from their sale, they were very proactive and helpful and in their words 

“We don’t sell stolen goods.”

Another keen eye, Ian Sedgwick of Graham Fawcett Plant Ltd, was actually at the sale and 

also spotted the grabs, he positively identified them for us and we wait to hear of the outcome from the North Yorkshire police.

We are still missing some of the items so if anyone spots any of the equipment listed below could they please get in touch.

Tel: +44 (0) 15242 42333  email: [email protected]

Hopefully with your help A.C Price can get their equipment returned and the thieving scumbags who target hard-working honest businesses can be caught. 

Items stolen;

1 x Auer small LG170

2 x Auer Medium LG260

1 x EHRZ 111 loose small toothed grab

1 x EHRZ 113 off skidding arm

1 x LG170 with CR300 rotator and swing link. 

1 x SPZ125B with high speed valve

1 x Nisula 175E with FR10 rotator and Nisula 2-way swing damper, together with special attachment to connect to HIAB crane..

Home Forestry LLp

Another recent incident occurred at the premises of Home Forestry Llp in Shropshire a few weeks ago.

Thieves targeted three Farma generation 2 grapples which were still on a pallet as Nathan Home had just returned from an agricultural show. The grabs are brand new and are 0.2m³ and 0.24m³ capacity grabs with changeable plates on the top of them so they can be fitted to different makes of rotators. 

The thieves ignored all the other equipment that was nearby so they were either stolen to order or someone had a use for them.

If you have any information on these grapples please contact Nathan on 01746718456 or get in contact with us here at Forest Machine Magazine.