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Rab Easton

Owner, Editor and Writer

I have been professionally involved in forestry since 1976. I started out as a timber faller for the Forestry Commission before starting on my own as a forestry contractor.

This was a great era to have been in forestry as I have evolved along with the harvesting equipment. Starting with a Fordson Major 2 WD tractor, with a three point linkage winches, progressing to the hi-tech, efficient, labour saving harvesting machines we are using today. 

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Wendy Farrand

North American Representative

I am an industry columnist and speaker whose mission is to strengthen the people side of timber harvesting. For the past 10 years I have worked solely for the logging community taking my unique combination of skills and experiences to logging contractors around the US and Canada.

I bring my unique perspective right back to the loggers helping them to improve safety and production on the job.

Cell:  207-838-4435


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Wendy Easton

Everything Else

I started out as a tree surgeon before diversifying into horticulture.

Most of our friends work in forestry and on many evenings I believe there has been more wood cut in my living room than in any forest.

I am responsible for the design and layout of the magazine. 

I also take many of the photos and look after the administration side of the business. 

Tel: +44(0) 7951473846

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Peter Williamson Jnr

Product Tester

I am an experienced harvester operator who has been working for Timber Tech Harvesting Ltd since 2012. I currently operate a John Deere 1470G harvester. The majority of my work is local to my home in Dumfries.  I mostly harvest  mature timber on clear fell sites and I enjoy the challenges of working in timber harvesting.
I am looking forward to testing the latest harvesting products on my harvester and trialing and reporting on new harvesters for Forest Machine Magazine.